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Visita à Fairfield University, Connecticut, E.U.A.

Confirmado o convite feito a este pesquisador para visitar o campus da Fairfield University, representando a Academia Campista de Letras, que tem convênio com a Universidade estadunidense. O Prof. Dr. Deneval Siqueira de Azevedo Filho dará uma conferência, cujo título é "From the line of poverty to the tropic of happiness". Eis, na íntegra, a confirmação do convite:


"Franceschi, Dina"
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"Hastings, Elizabeth" ,"Sourieau, Marie-Agnes" ,"Gil-Egui, Gisela" ,"Wilson, Edna" ,"Walker, Brian"

08/04/2008 20:34

lecture invitation

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Dear Deneval,

Thank you for forwarding your ideas on how we might host you here at Fairfield University as a speaker, classroom lecturer and friend. We had quite a busy schedule here on campus with guests already planned for this spring and so we must apologize for not getting back to you about a visit in April.

At a recent meeting of our Latin American and Caribbean faculty, we discussed your possible visit and everyone was very much in favor of pursuing your visit for the future – we’d like for you to consider your availability for September, October or November 2008. The faculty were excited about the title of your talk and thought it would be of great interest to our students as well. “From the line of poverty to the tropic of happiness”, sounds fantastic and fits so well within the context of the current exchange with which we are engaged!! Might you take a look at your calendar now so we can plan for your visit well in advance? We’d like to get dates in place so our offices might begin to advertise your visit and arrange for your stay here.
Perhaps you can consider spending two or three days in and around campus, in a large lecture and then in a few classes as well. You also should consider that we are very close to New York City. You might want to plan to spend a few days prior to or following your trip, to take advantage of traveling this great distance.

Finally, let me reiterate how wonderful our visit was to the Academia, how hospitable everyone was and how very much Edna, Walter, Brian and I enjoyed ourselves that morning. Thank you and everyone for inviting us and initiating this relationship between our University and the Academia.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, abracos, Dina

Dina Franceschi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Economics
Fairfield University
203-254-4074 fax

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